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I know i should not post this but its my grandma, my last grandma.. coz if we lose her then the family is now broken just like my real family, no more sunday lunch get together or mini reunions.. good thing we rushed to her aid and when one of my cousins told her that i was there beside her she opened her eyes for me, only for me and smiled i held her hand gently and told her ” im now here grandma. Your long lost grandson” and she smiled with joy even with all those tubes on her throat.. thats love.. and i promised her i wont let this family fall apart..


It looks like im not stressed, im always happy, care free.. i have problems as well, its everywhere up & down, left & right.. but one thing relaxes me althou it may look like its tiring, i ride, when i mean ride i ride in a bicycle.. out there wandering in the streets, doging traffic & stuff keeps me focused as well with hand,eyes,arms,legs & mind coordinated altogether.. stop at random places for a drink of water or so puff a cig or vape discover new places.. just the way i wanted, only me coz i like being alone yet content with what i have, a few cash, phone with music, vape & of course my legendary mountain bike.. im happy.. :)

Dreams could mean anything but this dream i could fully remember, it was a good summer day i know the faces from friends to family up to the closest people in my heart but when i came inside the villa everyone was shocked to see me they didnt celebrate that i was there, they were angry including this person and cant face me on that dream then i left the villa went to the beach side & like a cinematic camera angle im in the foreground this person was on the background closing the gates of the villa & walking away end of dream.. Sorry i had to post this it traumatized me the whole day.. some say tell the dream to pass on the curse im telling it now to ease my mind..

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